My name is Lezlie and I created these Squares. I live to the beat of my own drum. Everyone who knows me calls me “Panda”. I'm married to Nick and my brother is Jake, we’re partners and the founders of Mid-Day Squares. This is our story:

In 2015, I started to really get into plant- based foods, always messing around in the kitchen. Nick, who was my roommate and best friend since 14, was always turning to the typical confectionery chocolate… Oh Henry! to be specific. To convince him into my vibe of eating I whipped up a version of what  is known today as Mid-Day Squares. In 2017 Nick and I got married and decided we can make a food brand that resonated with our peoples, our vibe, and our way of living. After countless hours, trials and taste tests we were finally ready to release our first flavour “Fudge Yah” in 2018.  

We knew, in order to explode the brand, we needed to bring on my brother, Jake aka Jaques. Jake's ability to build hype, create a loyal fan base and make our guests brand evangelists was just what we needed.

20 months in, we have celebrated our one millionth bar sold. Mid-Day Squares: A protein packed, fiber rich, functional chocolate bar. We're chocolate, made functional. Come along with us as we build a food company that looks a lot more like Nike.