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Episode 19:
Before jumping into the game of entrepreneurship you need to listen to this.

The Show:
Episode 20!
Can't believe we made it to 20. This episode is a continuation of last episode. We try to distill how you can build your entrepreneur muscles.

-We talk about the confidence it took for the Dunkin' Donuts founder to forge through

-Question: Is Entrepreneurship a game that can be taught, and how do you learn it?

-To build the muscle I challenge you to go off the beaten path, cause you’ll start hearing noise.

-We also talk about how to build your first  $1 million in revenue.

-Lezlie comes clean about being terrified about some of the decisions she's had to make and not letting us know she was terrified.

-We get into the stages of company growth from Y combinators course Blitzscaling:

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