Chocolate Gone Crazy Nft Project

Chocolate Gone Crazy
Chocolate Gone Crazy is an NFT project inspired by a lawsuit (*it was a threat to sue aka cease and desist) served by Hershey’s to Mid-Day Squares.

In June of 2021, Hershey sued* Mid-Day Squares over our use of the color Orange on our packaging.

This was served after Hershey’s attempt to purchase Mid-Day Squares in March 2021.

During the acquisition talks, they expressed nothing but love for the brand and praised what was being built.

Not once was anything brought up by Hershey’s about the use of the color orange, and it potentially posing an issue.

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Media Coverage:


We rejected their offer to purchase us

One month later, we were served the cease and desist. They threaten to sue us for a lot of MONEY. (Not cool)

But, it gave us the fuel for this creative project.

This is how our NFT project came to be.

Project Details:

Mid-Day Squares was built on being unapologetically ourselves.

We lead with our gut and broadcast everything to our audience- the good, the bad and the ugly.

When Hershey’s came after us for using the color orange, it bothered us.


Because we are Mid-Day Squares, not Hershey’s.

We decided to respond in a way that is true to our DNA:

A diss track letting people know who we are unapologetically- Mid-Day Squares.

The track escalated into a full blown music video

The music video then escalated into an NFT Project.

We hope this track energizes you, makes you laugh, and genuinely portrays our good vibes and boldness.

This is for you, our community. We want you to own this moment in time, our come up to becoming one of the worlds largest brands.

LFG. Let's all be BOLD together.

Why do we believe this project should be an NFT?
One of the strongest use cases for NFTs is real collectible scarce memorabilia.

True memorabilia represents moments in time and in pop culture. This is ours.

No matter the memorabilia; from sports cards, pokemon, beanie babies to sneaker drops it's all about scarcity and an attachment to moments in history with clearly defined provenance.

It’s about owning a relevant piece of history that can place us back to a specific moment in time.

Mid-Day Squares is on path to growing into one of the largest Chocolate Companies in the World.

What better way to capture this moment in our history than by turning it into a music video and converting that music video into 500 original pieces of art to be owned by our community.

We want this NFT project to be simple.

It's all about our fans and allowing them to own a piece of our history. True memorabilia.

How do I get in on MDS NFT Drop?

01. 300 members will get a drop based on how many friends they were able to recruit to the project.
02. 100 will be made available for purchase on Opensea.
03. 100 will be awarded to our fans by us.

What do I get?

This NFT project is tied to physical memorabilia (the VHS) that can have its provenance and ownership verified on the blockchain.

On the VHS will be your copy of the music video in response to our Hershey’s lawsuit*, letting everyone know that we’re Mid-Day Squares and we're not trying to be anybody but ourselves!

This project is our coming out party. This is who we are.

We’ve taken this music video and converted it into 500 unique snapshots with a QR code embedded into the imagery that launches the Music video with your unique lot.

Each of the NFTs will come with VHS cover artwork that has your lot code and hash.

Why are we adding a 10% royalty back to Mid-Day Squares on all future transactions of the NFTs?

This is all about community.

We are pledging that any money that is made from this project or from the future trading of these collectibles will be transparently open source to our community.

We will use all the money to create experiences and general good times for our NFT holders.

In short all money will be used to enrich this community's vibes. Parties. Beach chills. You get it.

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