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Episode 19:
Integral for anyone thinking about trying out entrepreneurship.

The Show:
Episode 19 we try to answer a question asked by one of our listeners "Are entrepreneurs born or made?"

-The show starts with updates on setting up our Automated Production Facility.

-We talk about our consensus that Entrepreneurs are made.

-Some people are born with traits that may make entrepreneurship more natural, but these are traits that can be learned.

-We talk about how you can get inspiration to be an entrepreneur by telling you all what we would do if we weren't at Mid-Day Squares and needed to get inspiration.

-The number one trait that you must train yourself on is the ability to handle risk.

-Nick mentions www.finviz.com to find inspiration by looking at companies and the public presentations.

-Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood to founding thriving economies, its worth trying at least once in a lifetime.

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