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Episode 36:
We share our unorthodox approach to building a chocolate empire & how to win at raising  capital, the importance of “just starting” and demanding what you want at all costs.

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1:00 The difficulty of transitioning from 2 squares to 1 square

2:27 Jake’s notes on negativity and his personal breakdown

3:30 Emergency therapy session pre-recording 

4:34 How to use energy to your advantage

5:23 Why we changed from 2 square format to 1 square format

6:42 How the change is keeping our business alive

8:05 The fine line of figuring it out: does the world want a good product? Or a low price point?

9:25 Why the fringe minority is the loudest in the room

14:15 Why change is hard and what we are going through

16:30 The difference between making a decision for change and living through it 

18:48 Milestone: we opened our 3000th store

20:15 Jakes demoralization

23:30 Why founder conflict happens

25:10 How putting in the work pays off in communication

26:29 Were under attack: Who is attacking Mid-Day Squares right now

27:56 Why do people police us? 

30:41 Be okay with going 3 steps backwards to go 10 steps forward

31:15 A powerful note on critics


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The Show:
This episode is about how it's sometimes necessary to take 3 steps backwards to take 10 steps forward.

We discuss the transition we're going through at Mid-Day Squares moving from a 2 square per package to a 1 square per package product and how it's slowly eating away at our spirits and the realizations we have had as we go through it.

We share key takeaways on:

How to convert your energy into something that propels you and doesn’t eat away at you;

Why the negative person in the room always feels the loudest;

Why survival is painful;

How your true measure of success is thriving in bad times;

The suffering in our world and how this has made people project their emotions rather than deal with them.

We leave you with our biggest learning: 

“No one has achieved anything significant without a course of critics standing on the sidelines explaining why you shouldn't do it or why it can not be done and you should go for it anyways.”

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