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Still eating Bars that taste DRY and CHALKY?

We created something to fix that.

We call it Functional Chocolate.

We've sold over 2,000,000 bars and not because we sell the dry chalky stuff that others are selling.

But because we're delicious & satisfying. 

Fans have helped us build a multi-million dollar business because we've built a One-of-a-kind product for people like you.

Just watch this video below, and you'll understand why it's One-of-a-kind.

How we turned Afternoon Snacking into a Multi-Million Dollar Business

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It's the perfect snack to get you through your day. 

The in-between meals type of snack.

Its chocolate filled with protein, fiber, and nutritious macros.

It kills your hunger and cravings for up to 5 Hours.

Stop searching for snacks that disappoint you.

See customer video reviews below.

Why is it $3.99/bar vs. $1.99/bar?

Our Functional Chocolate Bar comes with 2 Squares.​

Each Square is 35 Grams for a total of 70 Grams per Pack.

The Average bar that sells for $1.99 is 50 grams below and made with Garbage!

Just one of our Squares will SMASH YOUR CRAVINGS

If not we will refund you 100% off your purchase!

Premium Ingredients. Does not taste like cardboard.

Our functional chocolate causes ZERO Bloating and NO SUGAR CRASH

Chocolate Made From Scratch In-House

Which Flavor do you crave most?