12 Best Gifts for Vegans to Show That You Care

Vegan gifts aren’t just for vegans. They’re gifts that everyone can enjoy. There is no rule that an omnivore can’t love something cruelty-free just as much as they’d love the alternative. 

If you’re a vegan looking to purchase gifts for your friends and family or if you’re shopping for a special vegan in your life, you’ll be thankful to know that there are plenty of delightful vegan variants of many of the things you already give as gifts.

1. Vegan Beauty and Skincare Gifts

How about a fully comprehensive self-care package? These gifts are great all-occasion treats, even as a “no reason” reminder that you love or care about someone. 

Vegan makeup brushes and makeup are a lot easier to come by than they ever were before. If you’re having a difficult time determining what kind of makeup someone would like, go the skincare route. 

You can opt for face care products, body care products, or both. Lotions, body washes, exfoliating scrubs, and face masks are the perfect spa day treats. 

Vegan skincare kits are a great way to remind someone that they deserve to take a few minutes for themselves every day, pampering and winding down before bed. 

2. Vegan Bags and Purses

Everyone needs a trusty bag, whether it’s a purse, a messenger bag, a backpack, a piece of luggage, or a laptop bag. We all want an aesthetically pleasing way to carry our stuff. 

Vegan leather and suede alternatives make beautiful bags. They’re the perfect present to say “congratulations on the promotion or the new job,” or “you’re going to kick butt this semester!”

3. Soy Candles

There is no shortage of reasons to give candles as a gift. They’re great for housewarming presents, birthday presents, baby or wedding shower gifts, valentine’s day presents -- seriously, stop and think of a time where you wouldn’t love to receive a gorgeous scented candle. They’re always a treat. 

Soy candles are vegan. They utilize soy wax instead of beeswax. Many vegan candle companies are careful to choose fragrances that are sustainably sourced. Organic essential oils fill a room with a beautiful and harmless aroma. 

If you’re shopping for someone else, choose an agreeable scent blend. Most people will enjoy lavender vanilla or fresh and clean lemon scents. Some friends will enjoy apple cinnamon or dessert scented candles. You’ll know who they are. 

4. Vegan Snacks

The best way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Everyone wants a delicious treat every now and then. Look for vegan candies. Most gummy candies are off limits to vegans because they’re produced with animal derived gelatin. If you can find some vegan gummy bears, they’re sure to be a hit.

For friends and family that prefer a more decadent treat, there’s always chocolate peanut butter vegan protein squares. These are a little more nutritious than your average vegan chocolate bar. They’re a slightly smarter option for the health conscious vegan who wants something delicious that couldn’t be regarded as junk food such as our Vegan Fudge, and Almond Crunch.

5. Organic Gardening Kits

Vegan food gets its flavor from spices and herbs. Many vegans love to cook with fresh ingredients.

Why not make it a little easier? Pick up an organic herb gardening kit. Fresh herbs can be grown in a windowsill. They’re easy to maintain and they’ll keep your vegan cooking enthusiast in a fresh supply of everything they need to make a tasty meal.

For vegans short on space, pick up a hydroponic gardening kit. These kits come with grow lights installed. If your gift recipient might have a little trouble figuring out where to set a windowsill kit, a hydroponics kit will drastically simplify the process. They can grow basil, oregano, thyme, and sage anywhere in their home -- even in the closet or under the sink.

6. Vegan Cookbooks

Vegan cookbooks are a thoughtful gift for new vegans who are still learning their favorite recipes, as well as vegans who love a fun DIY project. Vegan cookbooks can come in specific variants. There are cookbooks for desserts, Italian dishes, Mexican dishes, and Asian dishes. 

If you have a vegan friend who absolutely fiends for vegan pad thai, pick them up a plant-based thai cookbook. 

7. A Gift Card

If the special vegan you’re shopping for is more likely to enjoy an experience than a material item, buy them a gift card for a vegan experience. 

A massage at a vegan sustainable spa is arguably one of the best gifts you can give someone. Vegan cooking lessons or gardening classes will make for a few fun afternoons.

You can also go the practical route. A vegan student or a vegan on a budget might appreciate a gift card to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. A pragmatist will see free groceries as the greatest gift they could possibly receive. 

8. Quality Time

Nothing shows how much you care like quality time. 

Take your vegan friend to a farm animal sanctuary to help care for animals that were rescued from fur, meat, or dairy production facilities. Pick trash up off the beach. Start a community garden. 

Just go do some good for the world -- it’s a gift to both of you!

9. Support Their Cause

Vegans typically choose their lifestyle because they have strong feelings about animals and the planet. Donating in their name to a cause that’s important to them will show that you care. Sponsoring a rescued animal, donating to wildlife preservation organizations, or funding medical care for abandoned pets will show a vegan you understand where they’re coming from. You did something to save an animal or the planet on their behalf. It doesn’t get more thoughtful than that. 

If you can’t afford to make a substantial donation to a vegan friendly organization, you can support your vegan friend’s cause by volunteering to go vegan for a week. If you can commit to cutting animal products out of your life for at least seven days, you might find plant-based alternatives that you come to love. It might make a permanent impact on you that reduces your consumption of meat, eggs, and dairy in the long term. 

Give the gift of understanding.

10. Anything Reusable or Compostable

Vegans care about the environment. They’d love reusable versions of the products they use every day. 

Reusable straws made of sustainable materials like bamboo help to eliminate waste. Reusable produce bags and grocery bags eliminate the need for single use plastics at the grocery store. Washable food storage bags and mason jars are massively helpful tools for vegans looking to reduce their household waste.

If your vegan friend is constantly on the go, look for compostable single use cups and plates. They’re a guilt-free way to avoid washing dishes. When compostable plates and cups reach a landfill, they’ll break down quickly. They can also be tossed directly into your vegan’s backyard garden, where they’ll enrich the soil and help the plants grow. 

11. The Friendly Gag Gift

If your vegan friend is a prankster or has an excellent sense of humor, go right in for the gag gift. As long as the gift itself is vegan, it’s all in good fun. 

Get them an obnoxious hat that says “VEGAN” in all capital letters, or a “KALE UNIVERSITY” sweatshirt. 

If you want to go the gag gift route but you aren’t sure how well your friend will take it, keep a real and more thoughtful gift on standby. Having a legitimate offering will emphasize the fact that your gag gift was harmless fun. 

12. Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are a pricier gift. If this vegan is close to you, they’re worth the splurge. 

High-powered blenders, food processors, instant pots, vegetable slicers, spiralizers, and steamers will make a vegan’s life a lot easier. Vegans with herb gardens might love a dehydrator and a mortar and pestle, allowing them to harvest and dry the surplus of fresh herbs that they grow. 

The Takeaway

Vegans may be difficult to feed sometimes, but they’re certainly not difficult to shop for. Small gestures, like keeping healthy vegan snacks handy, can show your vegan friends that you truly care. 

Even if you cannot commit to a life free from animal products, you can commit to loving the people around you and empathizing with them. It doesn’t cost a penny to be a supportive friend or family member.