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    Chocolate is great, but you know what's even better? Organic chocolate. But why is it better? There's a lot of buzz around organic food because w...
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  • The Best Dairy Free Chocolate Of 2021

    It's a common misconception that vegans can't eat chocolate. Or that vegan and dairy-free chocolates don't exist. But in this day and age, anythi...
  • Using Dairy-free chocolate for baking: The Complete Guide

    That sweet smell of melting chocolate chips, the rich flavor of a delicious cake, the calm solitude of working in the kitchen. If you want to enjoy life, baking is an essential activity. But what if you live a dairy-free lifestyle?

  • Is Dark Chocolate Dairy-Free?

    Whether it be a dairy allergy or a vegan diet, staying dairy-free can be an incredible chore.  We all want sweet snacks from time to time, but the search can be a daunting road of dodging allergens.
  • How Is Dairy-Free Chocolate Made?

    You work hard, and you deserve to indulge from time to time. But when you live a dairy-free lifestyle, it's not as simple as picking out any old dessert food at the store and heading for the checkout stand.
  • What Does Dairy Free Chocolate Taste Like?

    If you're thinking about making the switch to dairy-free chocolate, whether because you are sensitive to dairy or because you are interested in the vegan lifestyle, you might be wondering, "what exactly does dairy-free chocolate taste like?"

  • Can You Temper Dairy Free Chocolate?

    Tempered chocolate - it's not chocolate with a bad attitude! Instead, tempering chocolate is a process that involves perfectly melting chocolate so that it can be used in your favorite recipes. Believe it or not, tempering chocolate is actually a somewhat delicate process that requires a bit of know-how to do effectively.

  • Is Dairy-Free Chocolate Healthier?

    Eat dessert first - isn't that great life advice? If you're on a dairy-free diet you might be wondering, "are dairy-free chocolate bars healthier than the alternative?" Maybe you've taken on this lifestyle because you have an allergy/sensitivity, or perhaps because you follow a vegan lifestyle.