What Does Dairy Free Chocolate Taste Like?

If you're thinking about making the switch to dairy-free chocolate, whether because you are sensitive to dairy or because you are interested in the vegan lifestyle, you might be wondering, "what exactly does dairy-free chocolate taste like?"

For the most diehard chocoholics, the thought of dairy-free chocolate calls to mind the taste of cardboard - probably not the most desirable flavors!

However, the good news is that dairy-free and vegan chocolate has come a long way in recent years. There are many different brands and flavors you can choose from, and each chocolate bar has its own delectable character.

You don't have to settle for tasteless chocolate when you're buying healthy chocolate, regardless of whether you're choosing natural dark chocolate or special vegan chocolate that has been made without any milk.

Of course, you should always take the time to taste test your own chocolate bars to find the right one for you - but here are some tips on finding the right (tasty!) chocolate bar to help you satisfy those midday cravings.

What Exactly Is Dairy-Free Chocolate?

Believe it or not, many chocolate bars are naturally dairy-free - they haven't had milk removed through some fancy extraction process, nor are they created in any special way.

Obviously, milk chocolate is not dairy-free, as it contains milk and sometimes other indirect dairy ingredients as well. If you have to avoid milk because you're allergic, lactose intolerant, or vegan, you'll want to cut out all milk chocolate as your first step.

Then, you might look at dark chocolate. A high-quality dark chocolate bar is often the best place to look when it comes to satisfying your chocolate cravings. These generally contain just cocoa butter, lecithin, cocoa liquor, and sugar.

How To Tell If Your Chocolate Is Free Of Dairy Or Not

It's important that you look closely at the ingredients list, though, as some dark chocolate bars do still contain milk-based ingredients or milk derivatives. For example, some lecithins have milk in them. You'll want to choose an alternative such as soy lecithin to be safe.

Watch out for ingredients like whey and casein, as these are milk-based, too. Many chocolate brands use milk in their dark chocolate bars - big names like Hershey, Cadbury, and Dove almost always use milk or milk-based fillers in their dark chocolate. Bummer!

Another ingredient to be on the lookout for, if you are vegan, is white sugar. While white sugar isn't a big deal if you're eating dairy-free chocolate products for health reasons, like an allergy, if you want a vegan-friendly bar, this kind of sugar is a no-no since it is processed using bone char. Look for an alternative like coconut sugar instead.

The shorter the ingredient list in your dark chocolate bar, the better. A longer ingredients list often indicates that the company is using fillers, many of which are likely to be dairy-derived. The higher the cacao beans percentage (look for something between 55 and 85%), the better, too.

Is Any Milk Chocolate Dairy-Free?

Now, it's not just dark chocolates that are naturally dairy-free for you to consider. There are some brands that have released versions of "milk chocolate" produced with substitutes like oat milk for cow's milk.

These tend to be just as sweet, smooth, and reminiscent of your favorite childhood flavors as traditional milk chocolate - but of course, contains no milk.

The manufacturers use "milk" that is made by soaking and pressing things like hazelnuts, peas, oats, cashews, almonds, or other milk alternatives to help satisfy the chocolate cravings of vegans and lactose intolerant individuals.

Many of these incorporate oil to help stabilize the ingredients as well as to provide that familiar consistency and texture. You can often find dairy-free chocolate bars that are not only some of the best vegan options and free of any animal products but also offer excellent taste and texture.

While dark chocolate was, for a while, the only option for vegan chocolate fans, you can now find dairy-free chocolate that's meant to mimic the taste and texture of milk chocolate and white chocolate. In addition to standard ingredients like cacao beans and perhaps a milk substitute, these often contain your favorite mix-ins like sea salt, peanut butter, and more.

You can finally indulge guilt-free in your favorite chocolate treats!

Is Dairy-Free Chocolate Good?

It sure is. Although dairy-free chocolate admittedly has a different taste than milk chocolate, it's definitely worth your time.

When you're making the switch from milk chocolate to dark chocolate, you'll notice that dark chocolate has a bit more of a bitter flavor than milk chocolate.

There's nothing wrong with that - in fact, its decadent flavor may mean that you feel satisfied with smaller portions. You'll be able to satisfy your chocolate cravings without all the sugar, in some cases, and of course, without all the dairy that's packed into milk chocolate.

Now, switching to dairy-free chocolate that has been specially created to be dairy-free (rather than just choosing a dark chocolate bar) may mean a different taste experience entirely.

Dairy-free or vegan chocolate is just as delicious as its dairy-filled counterpart. In fact, in some cases, even more so - lots of chocolate brands that specialize in the best vegan dark chocolate bars contain unique, tantalizing ingredients to excite your taste buds.

There are even some that add things like ginger and turmeric - you're sure to find the chocolate treats to satisfy your cravings but without all the milk.

What Exactly Does Dairy Free Chocolate Taste Like?

The best part about this healthier form of chocolate is that it really doesn't taste any different from your favorite versions of it. The only difference is that it will be a bit more bitter - which some people actually prefer!

With that said, there are tons of different flavors out there, so we can't really say it tastes one way or the other - it depends on the specific chocolate product you end up grabbing.

For example, take MidDay Squares - the best tasting natural, dark chocolate bars on the market right now. These come in a myriad of different flavors, each of which tastes a bit different from the next - but they all possess that delicious, warm chocolatey taste.

What Are The Benefits Of Switching To Dark, Dairy-Free Chocolate?

If you indulge in a dark chocolate bar instead of a milk chocolate bar, you'll be making mostly an equal exchange in terms of taste. Although dark chocolate tastes different from milk chocolate, you're not going to be disappointed. It still tastes great!

But it's not just the taste that you need to consider when you're looking for the ideal chocolate brands. You should also consider the health benefits of dark chocolates in general.

Dark chocolate can still contain a lot of sugar but it tends to have less than milk chocolate. Not only that, but many dairy-free, vegan chocolates are loaded with health benefits. It's filled with antioxidants and nutrients you need for a healthy diet, including copper, magnesium, zinc, and potassium.

While these health benefits can often be found in other chocolate brands and types, too, dark chocolate has been shown to contain more antioxidants - in some cases, dark chocolate has more antioxidants than fresh berries!

Dark chocolate contains caffeine, which might put an extra pep in your step, and there are some studies that show that it can help improve your blood flow, boost cardiovascular health, and even help to lower LDL (or "bad") cholesterol levels.

The key to finding the healthiest chocolate treats is to look for one with as few ingredients as possible. Some vegan chocolates or even organic chocolate bars that are dairy-free are still loaded with fillers and are highly processed.

This processing often removes many of the antioxidants and other health benefits - so when you're looking for the best organic dark chocolate bars for your health, take the minimalist approach. The fewer ingredients, the better!

What Are The Best Tasting Dairy-Free Chocolates?

Ready for rich dark chocolate that's organic, dairy-free, and delicious - with that same familiar creamy chocolate taste?

If so, you may want to reach for a vegan, dairy-free chocolate alternative like MidDay Squares. MidDay Squares offers plant-based, ethically sourced chocolate without any milk products added in.

You'll be able to enjoy the same sweet, smooth, savory flavors of chocolate you adore without having to worry about upsetting your milk allergy or violating your principles as a vegan. No more guilt!

MidDay Squares is vegan chocolate that tastes like heaven, with unique health benefits baked into each and every chocolate square.

These chocolates are loaded with 12 grams of protein to help squash hunger and keep you satisfied on the go. With fun flavors like almond crunch, almond and fudge, "peanut butta," and "fudge YAH" you're sure to keep coming back for more.

Best yet, these creamy chocolate bars taste just like the real thing. You won't get that bland taste you might be familiar with from other non-dairy chocolate treats. Instead, they're sweet, smooth, and satiating - perfect for satisfying that midday chocolate craving.

These dairy-free chocolates aren't alternative imposters. MidDay Squares is a bar of quality chocolate made with attention to detail and the finest ingredients - pick some up today to see exactly what we mean! You won't want to go back to the dairy-loaded "real thing" any time soon.