Organic vs Regular Chocolate

Organic vs regular chocolate - which is better? This hotly contested debate will pull out passion from both sides of the fence.

Some claim that if you’re going to eat chocolate, you might as well go with the one that’s easier to find and tastes better. Right?

Well, those who have tried real organic chocolate will be the first to tell you that its actually superior to what you’ll find in the gas station when it comes to taste. Plus, it’s actually good for you! 

So, who’s right? Which side of the organic vs regular chocolate debate do you fall on? Hear us out as we moderate this topic, and weigh the pro’s and con’s of both types below.

Quickly Defining Organic & Regular Chocolate

Before we get into our organic chocolate vs regular debate, we want to explain exactly what we mean when we say organic.

We consider organic to be labeled as USDA organic - which means it is tested to the strictest of standards to not contain any ingredients - either during the growing phase or the manufacturing phase - that are non-organic.

Regular chocolate, on the other hand, is everything else. You see this anytime you’re checking out at the gas station or grocery store. These bars are full of processed ingredients and typically have artificial flavoring. 

Organic vs Regular Chocolate - Breaking Down The Differences

Before we break down the differences between these two and dive deep into the organic vs regular chocolate debate, we need to explain the four categories we’re judging each on:

  • Health
  • Taste
  • Cost
  • Ease Of Access

There are certainly other factors worth considering, such as which one is more sustainable, but a lot of these wouldn’t necessarily be fair.

Take sustainability for example. Regular chocolate never stood a chance here, as by its very nature, it’s not sustainable. Anything organic, on the other hand, is as sustainable as it gets. So without further ado, let’s jump into the debate.

Which Is Healthier?

You might be saying - chocolate is chocolate, it isn’t ever healthy by any standard, right? 

We understand why you might think this, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Organic, raw chocolate is really good for you - both physically and mentally. 

It provides a boost of antioxidants, helping clear up inflammation and free radicals throughout your body. Plus, it leaves you feeling really full, as it’s full of healthy fats. 

Furthermore, chocolate is a natural mood elevator. You’ll feel happier, more blissful after chocolate - it’s science! 

Regular chocolate, on the other hand, is pretty terrible for you - we won’t mince words. It’s ultra processed in most cases, contains all sorts of problematic ingredients, including but not limited to:

  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Gluten
  • Preservatives
  • Unnatural sugars

We really don’t need to spend much time here - it goes without saying that the first point in our debate goes to organic chocolate, as it’s far healthier.

Which Tastes Better?

The question of taste is perhaps the most important - aside from health. And the problem here is that taste is so subjective. 

Many people claim that the sweetness of regular old milk chocolate can’t be beat. This is typically because they haven’t tried real, organic chocolate. 

When grown and processed properly, organic chocolate is one of the most delectable, savory treats you can have.

If you haven’t experienced this for yourself, believe us when we say you’re missing out. We believe organic chocolate to truly taste better than the sugary, processed junk you find at the grocery store.  

Which One Is Cheaper?

More often than not, organic cheaper costs a bit more than the checkout aisle candy bar you’re used to buying.

That’s because it’s harder to grow cocoa beans organically and produce chocolate bars that still taste amazing - as such, they’re going to cost to be a bit pricier.

That doesn’t mean you’re going to break the bank with your chocolate eating habit - believe us when we say the small increase in cost is worth it in terms of taste & health benefits!

Which One Is Easier To Find?

The final aspect of our organic vs regular chocolate debate has to do with accessibility - how easy is it to find great tasting, great for you organic chocolate?

Unfortunately - not super easy. This is the one category where regular old chocolate has an easy victory, as you can find it basically anywhere.

With that said, we’ll introduce you to your new favorite chocolate bar here in a moment. You’ll never have to look around for high quality organic chocolate again!

Organic Chocolate vs Regular Chocolate - The Final Verdict

After weighing the four categories above, it should be clear that organic chocolate is the clear winner over regular chocolate.

If you care about your health, it’s really the only choice. But even those with a sweet tooth will often prefer pure, natural chocolate to the highly processed alternative.

The only real drawbacks to modern day organic chocolate are the cost and how tough it is to find. But with MidDay Squares, you won’t have to deal with either of these concerns!

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